Bill Maher: Democrats Are ‘Blowing It’ With Open Borders, Free College Talk

Bill Maher: Democrats Are ‘Blowing It’ With Open Borders, Free College TalkComedian Bill Maher said Friday night that Democrats are “blowing” their chances of defeating President Donald Trump in 2020 by proposing open border and free college policies.“All the Democrats have to do to win is to come off less crazy than Trump — and, of course, they’re blowing it,” Maher said in his closing monologue during his HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher.”More from The National Interest: This Is the Worst U.S. President EverMake Your Pick for the 6 Best Presidents Ever The Best President Ever: Lincoln Democrats are “coming across as unserious people who are going to take away all your money so migrants from Honduras can go to college for free and get a major in ‘America sucks,'” he said.Maher did not identify any specific candidate in his diatribe, but was referring instead to the leftward lurch of the Democratic field.Some Democrats have embraced the idea of forgiving some or all student loan debt, while others back the decriminalization of illegal border crossings. Ten Democrats onstage raised their hands when asked whether they support providing government health insurance to illegal immigrants at a presidential debate in June.

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