'War-Monger': North Korea Reportedly Has Choice Words For John Bolton

'War-Monger': North Korea Reportedly Has Choice Words For John BoltonNorth Korea reportedly described national security advisor John Bolton as a “war monger” and “human defect” for his criticism of the state’s latest missile tests.The comments came from an anonymous North Korean Foreign Ministry representative Monday after Bolton called the country’s short-range missile testing a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions, the Associated Press reported Monday.“It will be fit to call Bolton not a security adviser striving for security but a security-destroying adviser who is wrecking peace and security,” the spokesperson said, according to AP. “It is not at all strange that perverse words always come out from the mouth of a structurally defective guy, and such a human defect deserves an earlier vanishing.” Bolton, accompanying President Donald Trump on his visit to Japan, told reporters Saturday that there is “no doubt” about the May 4 and 9 missile tests contravening the U.N. resolutions, according to AP. Bolton suggested the actions demonstrate that sanctions against North Korea should not be removed.But Trump seemed to take a different approach in his response to the missile launch, tweeting that “North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some people, and others, but not me.”

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